Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hosting a Charitable Dental Day

Our very own, Nancy Hammel, wrote this article for a national dental magazine called DENTALTOWN and it is written for those dental professional interested in hosting their own charitable dental day

If you followed us on Facebook that day you know that Nancy spent a good deal of time planning for this event.

We saw over 100 patients and gave away over $35,000 in dental exams, x-rays, fillings and extractions.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 By D.S. Kruse, DDS     
   Often times when patients see our Isolite mouthpieces for the first time, I notice their eyebrows raise in curiosity and uncertainty, and I know he/she is thinking, "what the heck is THAT thing and how does it go in MY mouth?!?  The mouthpiece may indeed appear unusual at first glance, but it offers a number of benefits to both the doctor and the patient:
Isolite in Use
  • bite block’ keeps patients jaw muscles relaxed throughout the visit
  • isolates upper and lower teeth simultaneously, which is important during placement of aesthetic, tooth colored fillings.
  • retracts and protects the tongue and cheek
  • continuously suctions saliva and other oral debris.
  • blocks the throat to prevent aspiration of material, such as existing silver fillings.
  • The mouthpiece is easy-to-insert, and comfortable for the patient, and can be inserted in only a few seconds and removed even more quickly.  They are disposable and replaced between patients.
   So, while first-time use of this mouthpiece may take a few minutes to adjust to as a patient, I have illustrated the most important clinical benefits of the Isolite.  No more sore jaw muscles from holding your mouth wide open while the dentist does a filling on your very back tooth!  Ask existing patients who have used the Isolite, and I can bet they will say it makes going to see the dentist more comfortable.   This mouthpiece is especially beneficial during our sedation appointments, and allows the patient to remain completely and totally relaxed throughout the duration of the appointment.  Ask to see the Isolite at your next visit to our office!              

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do I Need Dental Care While I'm Pregnant?

A woman's gum tissue changes during pregnancy. First-time mothers tell us, "I knew my body was going through major changes, but I didn't realize my mouth was too!" During pregnancy, a surge of hormones (mainly estrogen) creates an increase in the plaque build-up on the teeth. The tissue in the lining of the uterus is almost identical to the tissue in the mouth. When one changes, so does the other. If the pregnancy plaque isn't removed, it may cause a gum condition called "pregnancy gingivitis."

The more infected your gums and teeth become, the greater the chances are that bacteria will travel through bloodstream to your fetus. This causes an immune response that damages the tissues in the placenta and sometimes prompts premature labor and/or a lower birth-weight baby.

So, be sure and visit us early in your pregnancy for a cleaning and gum tissue evaluation. Contact our office for a convenient appointment.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to our new blog

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